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Information about terrorist group “Viet Tan”

January, 01 2018
On the basis of Vietnamese and international laws, the Ministry of Public Security hereby declares “Viet Tan” to be a terrorist group since it has apparently conducted terrorist activities against Vietnam and its people.

1. “Viet Tan” is known as “Vietnam Reform Revolutionary Party”

- The terrorist group’s headquarters at 2530 Berryessa Rd #234 San Jose CA 95132 - 2903, United States; Its second office based in Bangkok, Thailand.

- Propaganda agencies: “Khang chien” (Resistance) newspaper; “Vietnam khang chien” (Vietnam Resistance), and “Chan troi moi” (New horizon) radio stations.

- Ringleaders: Do Hoang Diem (born: 1963, nationality: American, Chairman of  Viet  Tan); Ly Thai Hung (born 1953, nationality: American, general secretary)

- History: In 1981, Hoang Co Minh, ex-Commodore of the old Saigon Administration, established an organization named the “National United Front for the Freedom of Vietnam (NUFLV), (hereinafter referred to as the “Front”). Under its principle, the organization undertakes to use all ways and means, including violence and terrorism, to sabotage the State and people of Vietnam. In 1982, Hoang Co Minh founded “New Vietnam Revolutionary Party” (Viet Tan), as the headquarters, leading all activities of the “Front”. The members of the “Front” are also members of “Viet Tan”.

- Terrorist activities:

After its establishment, “Viet Tan” recruited and trained its members to use weapons and explosives to conduct terrorist activities, acts of sabotage, kidnapping and assassination in the future. Later, it carried out operations named "Eastward 1", "Eastward 2" and "Eastward 3", sending 246 armed men from Thailand to Vietnam via Laos and Cambodia. These men, who had been tasked to set up “secret hideouts”, provoke unrests and riots, and wage terrorist activities in Vietnam, were prevented and captured by functional forces of Vietnam and Laos.

In Foreign countries, “Viet Tan” established "K9 assassin squad" led by key members with the aim of attacking and assassinating overseas Vietnamese journalists who try to disclose conspiracies and tricks used by Hoang Co Minh and his accomplices to deceive overseas Vietnamese. Their victims include Duong Trong Lam, editor of the “Cai dinh lang” (Communal House) newspaper in San Francisco, and Nguyen Dam Phong, founder of the "Freedom" newspaper in Houston.

Today, “Viet Tan” keeps recruiting, training and directing its members to infiltrate into Vietnam to provoke protests and riots, undermine security conduct assassination and kidnapping. It also aims to send Vietnamese people overseas for training or organize online training courses on methods and skills of terrorism and sabotage, spread their instructions on the internet on the methods to make “Molotov cocktail” for terror activities, assassinations or sabotages. The Vietnamese functional agencies have arrested and investigated of a number of members of “Viet Tan” who had committed crime of terrorism. These include Nguyen Quoc Quan, Nguyen Thi Thanh Van and Truong Leon.

2. “Viet Tan” is a terrorist organization, so all those who participate in the organization, propagandize, lure and incite others to participate in, sponsor or receive sponsorship from “Viet Tan”, attend training courses organized by “Viet Tan” or place themselves under the direction of “Viet Tan” will be viewed as accomplices of terrorism and terrorism sponsors and will be punnished under Vietnam’s laws.

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