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Responsibilities and authorities of the People’s Public Security Forces

November, 27 2017

1. To collect information, analyze and evaluate the situation and predict its developments and propose the Party and the State to promulgate and direct the implementation of guidelines, policies, laws and strategies on the protection of national security and maintenance of social order and safety; suggest coupling strategies on protection of national security and maintenance of social order and safety with strategies and policies on socio-economic development, national defense and foreignaffairs of the State.

2. To protect freedoms and rights, democracy, life and property of the people; safeguard high-ranking Party and State officials and foreign guests; guard important events, key infrastructural works and premises, significant projects of national security, foreign representative offices of foreign countries and international organizations in Vietnam, and individuals holding or relating to State secrets.

3. To receive and handle information, reports and people’s denouncements on crimes; initiate criminal proceedings, investigate criminal cases, and perform other judicial tasks under the law.

4. To penalize administrative violations and take other administrative measures to handle offences in line with the laws.

5. To guide, check and inspect agencies, organizations and citizens in performing the missions of protecting national security and social order and safety; conduct law dissemination and education; and promote the movement “All people protecting national security.”

6. To conduct mass mobilization, and use legal, diplomatic, economic, scientific-technical and professional methods, and armed means to protect national security and maintain social order and safety.

7. To use weapons, supporting tools and necessary technical and professional means to attack criminals and for self-defense under the laws.

8. To issue decisions on or propose suspension or termination of the operation of agencies, organizations or individuals threatening national security, social order and safety; requisition means of transport, communications equipment and other technical means of agencies, organizations, individuals that own, operate or use them, in emergency cases, under the laws.

9. To request agencies, organizations or individuals to collaborate and provide information related to national security, social order and safety.

10. To closely coordinate with the People's Army, Self-Defense and Militia Forces and State agencies in protecting national security, maintaining social order and safety, and defending the national independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Fatherland.

11. To conduct scientific and technological research and apply modern scientific and technological achievements in protecting national security and maintaining social order and safety.

12. To build a pure and professional force strong in politics, ideology, and organization.

13. To promote international cooperation to protect national security and maintain social order and safety.

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