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Battalion of Mobile Police of Dak Nong honored for outstanding achievements

February, 06 2019
MPS - The Battalion of Mobile Police, under the Mobile Police Office of the Dak Nong Provincial Police Department, was founded on June 8, 2005.

Over the past years, it has overcome numerous difficulties and strove to become a “steel shield” protecting the Dak Nong plateau.

Captain Pham Le Dung, Commander of Company 1 under the Mobile Police Battalion of the Dak Nong Provincial Police, has served in the battalion for the past 13 years.

In addition to their main missions of training and combat readiness, Dung and his comrades participated in solving various complicated cases related to security and order, and cooperated with other units to capture criminals, contributing to the common achievements of the provincial police.

Major Nguyen Huu Thuong, Head of the Mobile Police Battalion, said that, with a large number of young soldiers, to accomplish the assigned tasks, the battalion focused on political education for its soldiers, Party building and force building. It also developed plans to organize appropriate training courses, to improve physical fitness and professional skills for officers and soldiers.

Due to the special features of their missions, the mobile police officers and soldiers always stay alert. They have to work under pressure during important events and holidays, when most people are off work and refresh themselves.

The mobile police battalion’s officers and soldiers are present at places with complicated issues of security and order, criminal activities or social evils.

In 2018 alone, the Mobile Police of Dak Nong conducted 237 patrols with the participation of more than 1,700 policemen. During the patrols, they detected and stopped 3 disturbances of social order, arrested 8 people involved and seized various exhibits.

The battalion was also active in charitable and voluntary activities, supporting local people to overcome poverty. Via such activities. they enhanced relations with local people and beautified the image of the police force in the people’s heart.

Colonel Vi Duc Bao, Commander of the Mobile Police Office, said that all cadres and soldiers of the battalion had made great efforts to overcome difficulties and successfully complete their assigned tasks. Particularly, they successfully conducted a drill in “dispersing illegal demonstrations and gatherings”, contributing to creating firm security and defense in the area and meeting the task requirements of national construction and defense in the new situations.

The unit has been honored by authorities at various levels. Particularly, the unit was awarded the Certificate of Merit and named “Excellent Training Unit” by the Ministry of Public Security.

by Duy Tien