MPS reviews the work of fire prevention and fighting and rescue

December, 02 2021
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) held a videoconference on December 1 to embark on the Secretariat’s Conclusion 02-KL/TW, the Prime Minister’s Decision 1492/QD-TTg and evaluate results of the implementation of the National Assembly’s Resolution 99/2018/QH14 and the PM’s Decision 630/QD-TTg on fire prevention and fighting.

Major General Le Quoc Hung, Member of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Minister of Public Security, chaired the event. General To Lam, Politburo Member and Minister of Public Security, attended and delivered a keynote speech at the conference. 

At the event, Major General Nguyen Tuan Anh, Director of the Fire and Rescue Department, briefed delegates on results of the implementation of the important directives and decisions of higher authorities on fire prevention and fighting over the past 5 years. 

Minister To Lam delivers a keynote speech at the event.

Speaking at the event on behalf of the Party and Government leaders, Minister To Lam applauded the efforts and achievements made by the Ministries, Central Branches, Provincial/Municipal Party and People’s Committees in fire prevention and fighting and rescue over the past time. 

Over the past years, under the leadership of the Party committees and authorities at all levels, the work of fire prevention and fighting and rescue has seriously been implemented throughout the country, contributing to minimizing human and material losses caused by fire incidents and explosions.

Firefighters have successfully saved thousands of lives and assets of the State and people. During the fight against fire, a number of fire police officers have sacrificed their lives for the lives and assets of people, and their sacrifices have been recognized by the Party, State and people.

Outstanding police officers and units honored at the event.

In order to successfully implement the Secretariat’s Conclusion 02-KL/TW, the Prime Minister’s Decision 1492/QD-TTg in the time to come, Minister To Lam asked Central agencies, ministries, branches and local authorities to seriously observe regulations on fire prevention, fighting and safety; pay due attention to fire prevention and fighting work; mobilize the entire political system and people to prevent fire and explosion, draw up good plans to fight fire; and improve the public awareness of fire prevention and fire safety.

Meanwhile, the fire police and other firefighting forces should actively implement comprehensive preventive measures to control the number of fire and explosion incidents, especially serious ones.

The fire police should enhance its State management of fire and explosion prevention, review and complete legal documents on fire prevention, fighting and safety as well as regularly inspect fire prevention and safety plans in areas with high risk of fire and explosion, particularly inflammable production facilities, populous quarters and public places. 

The Minister also urged the fire police force to continuously improve firefighting and rescue qualifications and skills for firefighters, invest in modern firefighting equipment and machinery, boost coordination with local authorities, organizations and businesses in raising the public awareness of fire prevention and safety.

Deputy Minister Hung speaks at the event.

The Minister requested the Ministry of Information and Communications, local-level information and communications agencies as well as the press and media to increase information dissemination on fire prevention regulations and fire safety skills.

He suggested that the Ministry of Education and Training should soon enter fire prevention and fire safety as a subject into school curricular. 

At the event, the Ministry of Public Security rewarded certificates of merit to 24 units and 21 individuals in recognition of their outstanding achievements in firefighting and rescue. 

by Viet Anh