Ninh Binh province and Thu Duc city build capacity of grassroots-level policemen

December, 03 2021
MPS - In order to improve the capacity of the grassroots-level police force, the provincial police of Ninh Binh and Thu Duc City Police (Ho Chi Minh City) have organized professional training courses on procedures for handling denunciations, crime reports and crime scene protection for officers and soldiers working at the police posts of communes, wards and townships.

The Ninh Binh Provincial Police Department organized a training course to equip grassroots-level officers with knowledge and skills on basic professional responsibilities of the police force, the process of dealing with security-related cases in the local area, and procedure for handling denunciations and crime reports.

Meanwhile, the Thu Duc City Police Station (Ho Chi Minh City) opened the first training session on crime scene protection for police officers working at communes, wards and townships in 2021. 

Crime scene protection.

At the training courses, the communal-level police force  will learn knowledge and professional skills, contributing to ensuring security and safety in the localities.

by Bao Viet