Police force enhances prevention and combat against crime during Tet season

December, 25 2017
MPS - The General Department of Police under the Ministry of Public Security on December 22 held a conference to roll out 3 special subjects to enhance prevention and combat against: crime, violation of regulations on weapons, explosives, support tools and fireworks; smuggling and commercial fraud; and offences of food safety, during the Lunar New Year (Tet) 2017.

This is the first year that the General Department of Police advised the Ministry of Public Security to organize a separate conference to discuss in depth the 3 subjects with the aim of implementing successfully the campaign to control crime and ensure security during the Tet season 2018.

Senior Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of Public Security attended and delivered a keynote speech at the conference.

At the conference, Lieutenant General Tran Van Ve, Acting General Director of the General Department of Police of the Ministry of Public Security reported the situation relating to combat against crimes and violations of regulations on weapons, explosives, support tools and fireworks, smugglings, commercial frauds, and offences of food safety.

Deputy Minister Le Quy Vuong speaking at the conference.

In 2017, police units nationwide discovered and handled 699 cases relating to illegal use of weapons and explosives which killed 54 people and injured 248 others; arrested 794 suspects relating to illegally storing, transporting and manufacturing weapons, explosives and support tools; seized 440 guns, 14,610 bullets, 81 grenades and over 6 tons of gunpowder along with over 10,800 detonators.

In terms of prevention and combat against smuggling and trade fraud, relevant forces discovered and tackled 9,338 cases of smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit, arrested 7,844 suspects, contributed 175 billion VND of administrative fines and recovered 221 billion VND to the State budget.

Regarding food hygiene and safety, the police units nationwide discovered nearly 6,200 offences of food safety with 6,081 suspects.

The participating delegates also discussed and pointed out the difficulties and limitations in preventing and fighting crimes, violations of regulations on weapons, explosives and support tools and fireworks, smugglings, commercial frauds and offences of food safety in the past time; and at the same time, drew up the directions and solutions to successfully fulfill the tasks in the Tet season.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister Le Quy Vuong urged local police units to closely follow the guidelines and directions of the Party, the State and the Ministry of Public Security; promptly advise and propose to local Party Committees and authorities on effective measures to crack down on crimes, ensuring social order and safety.

The local police units should pay special attention to public dissemination and mobilize people to participate in the movement “All people protecting national security” by encouraging people to report on crimes and maintaining social order and safety; and mobilize the comprehensive power of the political system and people in preventing and fighting against crimes and violations.

Deputy Minister Le Quy Vuong also asked the local police units to well carry out patrols and checks, and grasp the situation while intensifying the exchange of information and coordination with other units to fight crimes intensively and effectively during the Tet season.

By An Nhien