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English course for Public Security officers opens

October, 22 2020
MPS - The Department of Foreign Relations under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in collaboration with the US Embassy in Vietnam has just opened an English training course for the officers of the MPS on October 21.

This program is in the framework of the Letter of Agreement (LOA) on law enforcement and criminal justice assistance between the two countries, which was signed in May 2016 during the official visit of the then US President Barack Obama to Vietnam.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Hoa Chi, Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Relations, speaks at the training course.

Mr. Tom Lyons, Director of the INL in Vietnam, speaks at the training course.

The LOA covers projects to improve the capacity of Vietnamese law enforcement forces to conduct evidence-based investigations, ensure security and safety for citizens, and prevent and combat transnational crimes and other types of crimes.

Overview of the course.

The training course aims to provide trainees with English used in law enforcement sector. The course-book is the “English for Law Enforcement” published by the UK Education Group MacMillian, which is widely used in English training courses for law enforcement forces in many countries around the world.

by Minh Thao