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General To Lam visits Vietnam’s Embassy in Myanmar

February, 26 2019
MPS - During his visit to Myanmar, General To Lam, Politburo member and Minister of Public Security leading a high-level delegation of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) of Vietnam visited the Embassy of Vietnam in Yangon on February 26.


After being briefed by Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong on the Embassy's working situation, General To Lam congratulated the Embassy’s staff and other Vietnamese representative agencies in Myanmar on their excellent achievements in performing their assigned tasks, actively contributing to promoting Vietnam - Myanmar relations.

General To Lam also gave an overview of the performance of the main mission of ensuring security and public order of the People's Public Security Forces over the past time, as well as the forces’ prevention and fight against crimes, and protection of important political events of the country and international events hosted by Vietnam.

General To Lam revealed that the cooperation between the MPS of Vietnam and the Ministry of Home Affairs of Myanmar has also been promoted in line with the fine relations between the two countries, contributing to ensuring peace and stability in each country and in the region. At the third bilateral ministerial conference taking place in Myanmar, the two sides committed to strengthening cooperation in preventing and combating crimes, especially drug crimes, transnational crimes and illegal migration.
General To Lam expressed his hope that the staff of the Embassy of Vietnam in Myanmar will continuously strive to serve as an important bridge connecting the two peoples. He also said, the defence and security cooperation plays an important role in promoting the comprehensive partnership and cooperation between Vietnam and Myanmar.
By Minh Thao