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Leader of Dak Lak Police visits injured Cambodian policemen treated in Vietnam

July, 03 2018
MPS - Senior Colonel Vu Hong Van, Director of the Dak Lak Provincial Police Department, on July 3 visited and inquired after 2 injured police officers of Mondulkiri province, Cambodia, treated at Police Hospital of Dak Lak.

Senior Colonel Vu Hong Van visited and encouraged the two Cambodian policemen.

The two officers of the Mondulkiri Provincial Police treated at Police Hospital of Dak Lak Province include Lieutenant Colonel Bung Den, Head of the Anti-Terrorism Division, and Captain Sen Tás, Chief of the Pechanda District Police Station. The two Cambodian police officers were injured while performing their duty in Modulkiri province. As medical facilities in the Cambodian province are not very good, the Mondulkiri Provincial Police Director had asked the police of the Vietnamese province of Dak Lak to help treat the two injured Cambodian policemen.

At the request of the Provincial Police Directorate of Dak Lak, doctors of the provincial police hospital are trying their best to cure the two injured Cambodian police officers. The support of the Dak Lak police contributes to enhancing the friendship and cooperation between the two provincial police forces and between the two peoples.

By An Binh