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Many issues discussed at first-ever ARLEMP Alumni Conference

October, 23 2019
MPS - In the framework of the 50th Asia Regional Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP), the first-ever ARLEMP Alumni Conference took place from October 23-24 in Hanoi.

The conference attracted 18 ARLEMP alumni with excellent achievements from 15 countries.

Speaking at the event, Senior Colonel Chu Van Dung, Deputy Chief of the Office of the Police Investigation Authority emphasized that,  ARLEMP is not simply only a training program, but it also serves as a cooperation network for more than 1,000 police officers from different countries in the Asia-Pacific region who pursue the common goals of fighting crimes, ensuring regional security and safety and maintaining peace for people of their countries.

Overview of the event.


In one day and a half, the participants of the conference discussed 2 main topics. The first topic focused on transnational crime prevention and control, which involved emerging crimes in the Asia-Pacific region, priorities given by country to the fight against each kind of crime, challenges for countries in exchanging information and coordinating criminal investigation and verification, and approaches to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement cooperation.

The second topic aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of the ARLEMP, with a focus on promoting experience sharing among ARLEMP alumni and giving ideas to further enhance the quality and effectiveness of the ARLEMP in the future.


by Cong Nghiep