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Minister To Lam delivers important speech at AMMTC+3

November, 29 2019
MPS - General To Lam, Politburo Member and Minister of Public Security, attended and made important speech at the 10th ASEAN Plus Three Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime (AMMTC+3) Consultation which took place in Bangkok, Thailand on November 28.

At the AMMTC+3 consultation, ASEAN countries acknowledged and highly valued the cooperation mechanism between ASEAN and its partner and dialogue countries.

They said the coordination and support in information sharing, capacity building and equipment have contributed greatly to the fight against transnational crime in the ASEAN as well as in ASEAN member countries.

Addressing the event, Minister To Lam highlighted the importance of the ASEAN+3 mechanism between ASEAN and China, the Republic of Korea and Japan, over the past two decades. According to him, the cooperation mechanism has contributed to peace, security and development of the East Asian region.

Minister To Lam and other delegates at the meeting.


He also hailed the support from China, the RoK and Japan for Vietnam, saying that the three partners have helped Vietnam to improve the country’s law enforcement capacity through training cooperation. Minister Lam also revealed that Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security and law enforcement agencies of those countries have well maintained bilateral contacts and cooperation via bilateral meetings.

The Vietnamese minister urged all parties to continue implementing the ASEAN+3 plan of action to combat terrorism and transnational crime in the period 2018-2022.

He also suggested the three partner countries continue supporting ASEAN countries in training their law enforcement officers in cybercrime, drug crime and human trafficking.

The ASEAN members and the three partners should actively coordinate in preventing and combating transnational organized crimes via various bilateral and multilateral frameworks, General recommended.

* On the sidelines of the 13th AMMTC and the 10th AMMTC+3 Consultation which took place in Bangkok on November 27 and 28, Minister To Lam held bilateral meetings with head delegates from China, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Brunei to discuss bilateral collaboration in the future:

Minister To Lam and Mr. Wang Xiaohong, Chinese Deputy Minister of Public Security.

Minister To Lam and Senior Lieutenant General Vilay Lakhamfong, Lao Minister of Public Security.

Minister To Lam and Mr. Muhyiddin Yassin, Malaysian Minister of Home Affairs.

Minister To Lam and Mr. Kyaw Swe, Minister of Home Affairs.

Minister To Lam and Major General Awang Halbi bin Mohd Yussof, Bruneian Minister of Defense.

Minister To Lam visits the Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand.


by Duy Tien