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Minister To Lam receives incoming Ambassadors of Angola and Saudi Arabia to Vietnam

February, 24 2020
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MPS - General To Lam, Minister of Public Security (MPS) of Vietnam on February 21st received Mr. Agostinho Andre de Carvalho Fernandes, newly-appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Angola to Vietnam.

At the reception, Minister To Lam wished Ambassador Agostinho Andre de Carvalho Fernandes success in his term of office in Vietnam, contributing to promoting the cooperation and traditional ties between Vietnam and Angola. The minister stressed that the Vietnamese MPS always attaches great importance to the cooperation with relevant ministries and agencies of Angola in the field of security, delegation exchange, information and working experience sharing, crime prevention and control, and fire prevention and fighting.

Minister To Lam and Ambassador Agostinho Andre de Carvalho Fernandes.


He also suggested that the two sides should promote cooperation in non-traditional security areas such as cyber security and climate change while ensuring security and safety for citizens of one country traveling or legally living, studying and doing business in the other.

Mr. Fernandes thanked Minister To Lam for his warm reception and he stressed that the cooperation between the two countries has been maintained and developed. He wished that the functional agencies of Angola and the Vietnamese MPS would continue their cooperation in various fields for mutual interests of the two countries.

* On the same day, General To Lam met Mr. Saud F.M. Al Suwelim, newly-appointed Ambassador of the Saudi Arabia to Vietnam.

Minister To Lam and Ambassador Saud F.M. Al Suwelim.


Speaking at the meeting, Minister To Lam congratulated Mr. Al Suwelim on his new position as the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Vietnam. He hoped that the ambassador will contribute to promoting the relations and cooperation between Vietnam and Saudi Arabia during his term of office.

Minister To Lam suggested that the two sides should promote delegation exchange at all levels, information sharing and cooperation in the fight against transnational crime, high-tech crime, human trafficking, and drug-related crime. He requested that the two countries’ functional forces should also enhance coordination to protect the senior leaders of one country visiting the other, ensuring security and safety for the representative missions and citizens of one country in the other country.

Ambassador Saud F.M. Al Suwelim affirmed that he will contribute to enhancing mutual understanding and promoting cooperation between the two sides in fields of national security and social order. He vowed that he will serve as a bridge connecting the two countries' functional agencies in general, the Ministry of Home Affairs of Saudi Arabia and the MPS of Vietnam in particular so that the two sides can carry out cooperation activities within the framework of the signed documents more effectively.

by Thu Hung