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MPS of Vietnam, U.S Department of Interior sign deal on fight against wildlife trafficking

April, 24 2019
MPS - General To Lam, Minister of Public Security, leading a high-ranking public security delegation to visit the U.S., held talks with the United States Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt on April 24.

Minister To Lam and Mr. David Bernhardt.


The U.S Secretary of the Interior welcomed and spoke highly of the visit by Minister To Lam and the high-ranking delegation of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) of Vietnam to the U.S., and expressed his hope that the visit would contribute to deepening the Vietnam - U.S Comprehensive Partnership in general and the ties between the MPS of Vietnam and the U.S Department of the Interior in particular. Minister To Lam, for his part, thanked the host for the kind reception.

Overview of the event.


Alongside the dominant global trend of peace, cooperation and development, many countries in the world still face newly emerging challenges and difficulties, stressed Minister To Lam. Traditional and non-traditional security threats still remain complex, threatening to national interests and security of many countries, including Vietnam and the U.S. This requires close and effective cooperation between law enforcement agencies, particularly in prevention and fight against terrorism, transnational organized crimes, hi-tech crimes, human trafficking and so on, to ensure national security and social order and safety of each country.

Minister To Lam and Secretary David Bernhardt signed a Memorandum of Understanding on fighting wildlife trafficking.


Minister To Lam also highlighted trafficking in wildlife as an aching issue in many countries. The huge profits from wildlife trafficking encourage traffickers to cooperate and form transnational criminal rings with increasingly sophisticated tricks. Vietnam and the U.S. are among countries with various efforts to curb this type of crime to protect the bio-diversity and natural ecology. This has required further cooperation between law enforcement agencies of the two countries.

Minister To Lam also thanked the U.S Department of the Interior for exchanging experience and information as well as its support for the MPS of Vietnam in opening training courses for Vietnamese officers.

Minister To Lam, Mr. David Bernhardt and delegates.


On this occasion, Minister To Lam and Secretary David Bernhardt signed a Memorandum of Understanding on fighting wildlife trafficking between the two sides, which is seen as an important premise for the two sides to institutionalize their institutions to further promote cooperation in fighting this type of crime.

by Mai Hoa