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ROK National Police Agency hands over DNA monitoring device to Vietnamese police

December, 27 2018
MPS - The Republic of Korea’s National Police Agency on December 27 handed over a modern DNA monitoring device to the Institute of Criminal Science under the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security.


At the event.

The device is part of the project “Improving criminal science capabilities of Vietnam's Ministry of Public Security" funded by the RoK’s Government.

In addition to the new machinery, the RoK side since 2016 has helped the criminal science sector under the Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security upgraded the field evidence analysis center, and invested in building a new fingerprint and footprint analysis lab.

Reportedly, the Institute of Criminal Science participates in examining evidence of hundreds of serious criminal cases each year, meeting various technical demands for crime prevention and control in Vietnam.

The new device is expected to help the Institute of Criminal Science perform their tasks faster and more effectively in the coming time.

By Thien Minh