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Training course on UN Convention against Torture opens in People’s Security Academy

April, 08 2019
MPS - The Department of Legal Affairs and Administrative, Judicial Reforms under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on April 8, in coordination with the People’s Security Academy and the Clingendael Institute (the Netherlands), organized a training course on The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT).

Participants of the training course.


The event saw the presence of lecturers from police educational institutions and law speakers from various units under the MPS. Participants will be introduced some case studies relating to torture in the world and provided with presentation skills by instructors from the Clingendael Institute. The instructors will also share with the trainees their knowledge and skills in controlling emotion and their experience in developing materials and documents for training courses on the convention.

The training course is within the cooperation framework between the MPS of Vietnam and the Embassy of the Netherlands in the period of 2018-2020. Thanks to such a training course, Vietnamese police lecturers and law speakers have good skills and approaches to building and using training materials in teaching the Convention against Torture, thus contributing to improving the effectiveness of training Vietnamese public security officers and soldiers in the convention in the coming time.

Major General, Prof. Dr. Le Minh Hung, Deputy Director of People’s Security Academy presents gifts to instructors of the Clindendael Academy.


Speaking at the event, Major General, Prof. Dr. Le Minh Hung, Deputy Director of the People's Security Academy expressed his gratitude to the Embassy of the Netherlands and international experts for their effective cooperation and support in the past time. The Deputy Director also hoped to receive further support from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Hanoi in exercising the Convention against Torture in Vietnam.

With its organization of such a training course, Vietnam demonstrates its efforts to seriously follow the Convention against Torture and its determination to ensure and protect human rights. The training course will last till 12 April 2019.

by Tran Nghiep