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Vietnam and Lao police review research project on Vietnamese public security officers working in Laos

December, 31 2020
MPS - The Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in collaboration with the Lao’s Ministry of Security (MoS) held a meeting on December 29 to review the ministerial-level project on history of Vietnamese public security experts in Laos.

Delegates at the event.

Implementing the cooperation agreement between the Vietnamese MPS and the Lao MoS in 2019-2020, the Public Security Department of History, Science and Strategic Studies (DHSS) under the Vietnamese MPS and the Department of Scientific and Historical Research (DSHR) under the Lao MoS co-conducted the ministerial-level project of “History of Vietnamese public security experts in Laos (1961-2016).”

The project was launched on July 2018 and at the first review of the research project was conducted in both Vietnam and Laos in November 2020.

The research project will further be reviewed and revised before it will be published and released in a book by the Vietnamese DHSS and the Lao DSHR to celebrate 60 years since the first group of Vietnamese public security experts was sent to work in Laos (March 1961-2021), the 60th founding anniversary of the Lao Security Force, and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the Vietnamese MPS and the Lao MoS (April 1961-2021).

Speaking at the event, Major General, Dr. Do Le Chi, Director of the DHSS congratulated the research and compilation groups of the 2 ministries on the good outcomes of the project.

He also asked the two sides to urgently complete the review, revision and compilation, and then publish the book on time. He stressed that the book will be significant to both sides as it will contribute to affirming and strengthening the speciation relationship and cooperation between the Vietnamese MPS and the Lao MoP in particular, and between the two Parties, the two states and the two peoples in general.

by Cong Quyet