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Vietnam, Japan agree to promote security cooperation

June, 01 2018
MPS - Vietnamese Minister of Public Security, Senior Lieutenant General To Lam on June 1 had a meeting with Hachiro Okonogi, Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission of Japan, which took place on the sidelines of President Tran Dai Quang’s State visit to Japan.

Alongside the fine diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and relevant Japanese agencies have maintained their good relations.

Since 2013, Vietnam and Japan have taken turn to host five deputy ministerial-level security dialogues, creating an effective channel for bilateral security cooperation, and contributing to the growth of the bilateral ties between Vietnam and Japan. 

Minister To Lam and Mr. Okonogi Hachiro.

Over the past years, the MPS of Vietnam and the Japanese National Public Safety Commission have promoted cooperation in exchanging information, dealing with regional security issues, investigating transnational crimes, and ensuring safety for citizens of one nation in another country.

Minister Lam and Mr. Hachiro Okonogi also agreed to promote effectiveness of the bilateral cooperation as well as coordination in regional and global matters of mutual concern. 

Minister Lam and Mr. Kuryu Shunichi.

The same day, Minister To Lam had a meeting with Shunichi Kuryu, Commissioner General of the National Police Agency of Japan. They discussed a joint training project between the two agencies to enhance capacity of each side in ensuring cyber security and preventing crimes. The two senior officials also agreed to increase exchange of experts in specific areas in the coming time to better contribute to national security and social order and safety of each country.


By Phuc Anh