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Vietnam, Laos draft an Agreement on the Transfers of Sentenced Persons

July, 02 2019
MPS - Under the authorization of the Vietnamese State President and Prime Minister, the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam (MPS) leading other relevant Vietnamese ministries and agencies negotiated with the Lao side on a bilateral agreement on the transfers of sentenced persons on July 2 in Hanoi.

Vietnamese and Lao delegations at the negotiation session.


The negotiating delegation of Vietnam was led by Lieutenant General Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Director of the Department of Legal Affairs and Administrative, Judicial Reforms under the MPS while the Lao delegation was led by Senior Colonel Kiengkham Inphengthavong, Deputy Chief of the Laos Ministry of Public Security’s Office.

During the meeting, the two sides exchanged detailed information about the relevant legal systems of the two countries, so as to seek consensus on each article of the agreement in line with the Vietnamese and Laos laws.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Senior Colonel Kiengkham Inphengthavong and the delegates.


The two delegations also affirmed that such an agreement also creates the best conditions for imprisoned persons to reintegrate into the community after serving their sentence, as well as contributes to protecting citizens of each country.

After the negotiation, the two delegations agreed to submit the draft agreement to the competent authorities of the two countries for further consideration, and expressed their hope that it would be signed in the near future.

by Thien Huong