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Vietnam Police receive advanced drug-fighting equipment

June, 07 2018
MPS - The Standing Office of Crime and Drug Prevention and Fighting in association with the General Department of Police organized a ceremony on June 6 to receive equipment donated by the Government of Thailand to the drug prevention and fighting forces of Vietnam.

The event saw the presence of Lieutenant General Dong Dai Loc, Vice Director of the General Department of Police and Mr. Manit Komes, Ministerial Counselor at the Thai Embassy in Hanoi.

Mr. Manit Komes hands over symbol of equipment to a representative of Vietnam’s Police.

Under the Letter of Agreement on Law Enforcement and Drug Control (LOA) signed on May 18, 2015 between the Vietnam’s General Department of Police and the Office of the Narcotics Control Committee of Thailand, the Thai Government donated some VND 10 billion to Vietnamese drug prevention and control forces. 

This aid is used in 4 different stages to procure equipment, vehicles, office equipment, and provide financial supports for Vietnamese drug police forces operating in of the country’s Northwestern areas. The agreement also demonstrates the determination and efforts of Vietnam and Thailand in the fight against drugs.

Delegates at the event.

Speaking at the ceremony, Lieutenant General Dong Dai Loc emphasized that the cooperation between Vietnam and Thailand in narcotic prevention and fight had been promoted and gained various achievements. 

On the basis of the cooperation, friendship and special relationship between the two sides, Lieutenant General Dong Dai Loc hoped that the cooperation in the fight against drug-related crimes between the two countries for a safe Mekong River sub-region would gain further good outcomes, contributing to building a safe and prosperous Mekong River.

By Thai Anh