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Vietnamese border provinces’ police enhance cooperation with Chinese counterpart

May, 10 2019
MPS - A delegation of representatives of the four provincial police departments of Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Cao Bang and Ha Giang attended the 3rd Law Enforcement Cooperation Conference between the police force of the four Vietnamese border provinces and the public security force of the Chinese autonomous region of Zhuang, Guangxi from April 25 to 28. Senior Colonel Nguyen Trung Thuc, Director of the Lang Son Provincial Police Department, led the delegation of Vietnam.

Overview of the event.


In the past year, the two sides continued to effectively implement the mechanism of law enforcement cooperation called “1 + 5” and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in the 2nd Conference. Particularly, the police force of the four Vietnamese provinces discovered and transferred 10 cases involving 44 Chinese citizens illegally entering Vietnam to go to a third country; handled nine violations of border management regulations; arrested and transferred 46 wanted fugitives to the Guangxi police; rescued and transferred 12 Chinese citizens illegally detained for their gambling debts; handled five cases involving 24 Chinese citizens using high technology to illegally appropriate property.

The Guangxi side arrested and transferred six Vietnamese wanted criminals to Vietnam’s police; rescued 49 victims of human trafficking; stamping out a complex gambling hub organized by Vietnamese peoplein the Chinese territory; returned 2,602 Vietnamese citizens violating the Chinese laws on immigration.

The two sides sign the MoU.


The above results demonstrated the trust and responsibility of each party, contributing to maintaining security and order, stability along the Vietnam - China borderline.

At the conference, the two sides signed a MoU and rolled out cooperation directions for the coming time, focusing on exchange of delegations and information sharing, and coordination in protecting political security, preventing and fighting terrorism, investigating and handling cases, preventing and fighting drug-related crimes and trans-border frauds, hi-tech crimeand cyber crime.

Additionally, eight pairs of district police stations of the five Vietnamese provinces and Chinese autonomous region also signed MoUs while the Police Department of the I Zhuang Representative of the autonomous region presented the Vietnamese police of the four Vietnam’s provinces with various combating gears and equipment.

by Thien Huong