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May, 26 2020

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi works with Guard Police High Command

Major General Le Tan Toi, Deputy Minister of Public Security on May 25 led a delegation to work with the High Command of Guard Police.

May, 26 2020

Detention centers nationwide do good job in COVID-19 prevention

Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security and Head of the Ministry of Public Security’s (MPS) Steering Committee on Epidemic Prevention and Control, on May 25 attended and delivered a speech at the meeting reviewing COVID-19 prevention and control of the Police Department of Prison, Correctional Institution and Juvenile Reformatory Management.

May, 26 2020

Mobile Police Command honors excellent teams, individuals in 2015-2020 emulation movement

The Mobile Police Command (MPC) on May 25 held a meeting to award teams and individuals with outstanding achievements in the emulation movement "For Homeland Security" in the period of 2015-2020.

May, 25 2020

Man arrested for acts of sabotage against the State of Vietnam

During the investigation of the case of spreading fake information and distributing misleading materials against the State of Socialist Republic of Vietnam involving a reactionary group led by Pham Chi Dung, the Security Investigation Agency under the Ho Chi Minh City Municipal Police Department on May 18 issued a decision to arrest and prosecute Nguyen Tuong Thuy as well as a search warrant for his places.

May, 24 2020

Minister To Lam: Revised Law on Residence ensures citizens' freedom of residence

Under the authority of the Prime Minister, General To Lam, Politburo Member and Minister of Public Security, on May 23 presented the draft Law on Residence to the National Assembly’s deputies.

May, 23 2020

People's Public Security Forces asked to draw up plans in response to natural disasters

Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security and Chairman of the Steering Committee for Climate Change, Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Search and Rescue under the Ministry of Public Security, on May 22 chaired a video meeting with public security units and agencies nationwide on approaches to mitigate consequences of natural disaster as well as to ensure security and social order during natural disasters.

May, 23 2020

Good examples in People's Police Academy’s emulation movement honored

The People's Police Academy (PPA) on May 22 held a meeting to review the emulation movement "For National Security" in the period of 2015 - 2020 as well as praise excellent teams and good examples in the emulation movement.

May, 23 2020

Hai Phong ready to connect to National Database on Population

The Hai Phong provincial police have well prepared their technical facilities and human resources to implement the National Database on Population project in accordance with the plan issued by the Ministry of Public Security on March 4 on the roadmap to apply the National Database on Population nationwide under the directions of the Prime Minister.

May, 22 2020

Yen Bai Police honor outstanding officers in period 2015-2020

The Yen Bai Provincial Police Department on May 21 held a meeting to honor outstanding officers during the period of 2015 - 2020 and prepare for the 8th “For Homeland Security” Festival of the entire Public Security Forces and the 10th Patriotic Festival of Yen Bai.

May, 22 2020

Deputy Minister Le Quoc Hung works with Police Department of Fire and Rescue

Major General Le Quoc Hung, Deputy Minister of Public Security, on May 21 had a meeting with the Police Department of Fire and Rescue (PDFR).