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12th Public Security Television and Radio Festival opens

September, 09 2019
MPS - The 12th Public Security Television and Radio Festival was opened on September 9 by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in association with Vietnam Television (VTV).

Delegates at the ceremony.


The festival takes place every two years with a view to promoting all-around information about the Public Security Forces, contributing to building the public security media sector into the model “Professional - Effective - Friendly”.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh speaks at the event.


The festival also aims to honor outstanding reporters as well as radio and TV products, and select the best programs and works reflecting activities of the Public Security Forces and aspects of security and order for the National Television Festival and other press awards. Finally, the festival provides a venue for media workers inside and outside the Public Security Forces to meet and exchange experience and professional expertise.

Organizers of the festival present gifts to participating teams.


Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister of Public Security Nguyen Van Thanh emphasized that the festival is an opportunity to review results of the activities of the public security media as well as to assess the effectiveness of the information service about the Public Security Forces in the past two years. He also expressed sympathy for the current difficulties and challenges faced by radios and televisions with the inception of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the boom of the internet, high-speed mobile networks. He asked the public security press and media agencies to overcome the limitations to better perform their given tasks in the coming time.

Stage performances at the opening ceremony.

By Thien Huong