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A police officer killed while pursuing transnational drug traffickers in Nghe An

March, 24 2020
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MPS - When chasing suspects of drug trafficking in Nghe An, a local police officer was attacked and killed by two criminals.

On March 22, the police of Que Phong district (Nghe An province) received a report from the people about a criminal ring trafficking illicit drugs across Vietnam-Lao borders into the mountainous area of Nam Giai commune (Que Phong district). An eight-member taskforce group led by Senior Lieutenant Ngo Van Phong was deployed to the location so as to arrest the drug traffickers.

Lieutenant Sam Quoc Nghia, one of the taskforce members, first reached the scene. Suddenly, two subjects stabbed him from behind. Although being severely injured, Lieutenant Nghia, along with his team, continued to pursue the criminals. The subjects took advantage of local difficult terrains and successfully escaped into the forest.

The taskforce group then quickly took Nghia to a local medical center, but he unfortunately died due to of blood loss.

Martyr Captain Sam Quoc Nghia.


Sam Quoc Nghia, who were presented with many emulation awards by authorities at all levels, is an excellent police officer of the Nghe An provincial police forces.

According to the Que Phong District Police Station, Nghia was born in 1991 in ​​Chau Thang commune (Quy Chau district, Nghe An province). After doing his two-year national service in the People's Public Security Forces, he continued to study at a police school. He graduated the police school in 2015. Nghia was later assigned to work as a professional police officer at the Police Team of Criminal, Economic and Drug-related Crime Prevention under the Que Phong District Police Station.

After the incident, Major General Nguyen Huu Cau, Director of the Nghe An Provincial Police Department, directed professional police units to urgently investigate and arrest the drug traffickers. The provincial police also coordinated with the Que Phong district police, local authorities and Nghia’s family to organize a solemn funeral for him.

Currently, the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security decided to promote Sam Quoc Nghia to Captain and give him the title of Martyr of the People's Public Security Forces for his bravery and sacrifice.


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