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As traffic accidents increase, Hanoi Traffic Police strictly punish drink drivers

May, 24 2019
MPS - Many cases of drivers with high blood alcohol concentration were strictly handled by the traffic police force of the Hanoi Municipal Police Department in recent days. In the context of recent serious traffic accidents mainly resulting from “drink-driving”, the Traffic Police Sub-Department of the Hanoi Municipal Police Department has deployed a plan to increase patrols and checks on roads and seriously handle cases of drivers with high blood alcohol concentration.

On the evening of May 22, within an hour, police officers and soldiers of Traffic Police Section No.3 at the Thai Ha - Lang Ha crossroads (Dong Da District, Hanoi City) checked and handled 5 cases, with 2 drivers violating the alcohol limit while driving vehicles on the road.

When the traffic police stopped for a check, Mr. Nguyen Duc Khuong (residing in Thanh Xuan district) admitted that he had drunk some beers before. The alcohol concentration level of driver Khuong exceeded the permitted alcohol level of 0.25-0.4 milligrams per liter of breath. The other case was also related to violation of the alcohol concentration regulation.

According to Senior Lieutenant Doan Hua Van, one of the main reasons of traffic accidents is drink-driving. He said that people must be aware that drink-driving risks lives of themselves and others. Senior Lieutenant Doan Hua Van also shared that the Hanoi Traffic Police still had to deal with many cases when drunk drivers had no cooperation and even opposed to police officers.

In these cases, police officers had to spend much time in explaining the traffic safety regulations and their fault to the offenders.

Under the Minister of Public Security’s mandate, the traffic police force will focus on detecting and handling violations of the alcohol concentration limit nationwide throughout 2019.

by An Nhien