Bac Kan police issue e-ID cards for ethnic minority people

April, 07 2021
MPS - The Pac Nam District Police Station in Bac Kan province has just sent its officers and soldiers who can speak languages of ethnic minority groups to hamlets home to ethnic minorities to issue chip-based ID cards. This has helped improve the efficiency of their work.

Pac Nam is a mountainous district in Bac Kan province. 98% of its population is of ethnic minorities who can speak little Vietnamese language.

According to the district police, about 2,183 Hmong people and a number of people of other ethnic minorities including Tay, Nung, and Dao, in Co Linh commune of the district need e-ID cards. 

Pac Nam police issue e-ID cards to Hmong ethnic people.

In order to create the most favorable conditions for local ethnic minority people, the police of Pac Nam district established mobile groups to each village to issue e-ID cards for the people. The groups include policemen who can speak the languages of Tay, Hmong, Dao, and San ethnic minorities so they can support those who cannot speak Vietnamese in completing their applications for e-ID cards. 

Thanks to this idea, the procedures for e-ID card issuance have been speeded. By April 1, 18,247 applications, or 82% of the target assigned by the provincial police department had been completed by the district police.

Over the past time, many local officers and soldiers have attended ethnic language classes following the motto "Learning ethnic languages to help ethnic minority people". The use of ethnic languages in e-ID card issuance has improved the effectiveness of the local police’s work while saving time for local people.

by Thanh Luan