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Bac Lieu environmental sanitation workers contribute to security protection

February, 17 2020
MPS - Over the past time, environmental sanitation workers in Bac Lieu City effectively coordinated with the local police to maintaining local security and order.

Bac Lieu city is the provincial capital of Bac Lieu province, which has an area of ​​over 175,000 km2 and a population of 173,581. The city dwellers are mainly of the Kinh, Hoa and Khmer ethnicities.

Due to rapid urbanization, the city has faced with many security issues, particularly crimes and social evils.

As environmental sanitation workers of the Bac Lieu City Urban Service Center usually perform their tasks on roads, they can easily detect law violations and crimes. Realizing the fact, the Bac Lieu City Police had advised the Bac Lieu City Steering Committee for Crime Prevention and Control to develop the model “Self-run sanitation teams protecting urban security” to contribute to fighting crimes and ensuring local security.

Senior Colonel Pham Quang Chung, Chief of the Bac Lieu City Police Station presents gifts to urban sanitation workers.


On April 14, 2016, the model was officially launched with 147 members in seven teams. Each team has a leader and a deputy as well as 8-27 members.

After three years implementing the model, the teams reported to the police 365 pieces of security-related information, helping the police successfully investigate 41 cases of theft and five cases of property robbery. Based on the criminal reports from local environmental sanitation workers, the police forces arrested and prosecuted two cases of illegal drug storage, detected 96 illegally drug users, dismissed 40 illegal motorbike races with 285 people involved as well as handled 102 cases of gambling on the streets.

In addition, the security teams of urban service workers also helped functional forces to settle 22 disputes in residential areas.


by Minh Ngan