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Cam Pha police launches information campaign against school violence

April, 22 2019
MPS - The Police of Cam Pha City (Quang Ninh Province) in coordination with Le Hong Phong High School and several other secondary schools in the city recently organized an information drive against school violence with the participation of some 7,000 students, teachers and parents.

Police officers of Cam Pha in an information session.


During this drive, the local police gave useful information and cited practical cases to school students as well as decent conducts of students in various situations, helping students with appropriate solutions to various situations creating a friendly and active academic environment. Particularly, students at Cua Ong Secondary School participated in a drawing contest on the theme of anti-violence at school.

Police officers talk to the students and answer their questions.


The information drive also encouraged educators and parents to discuss and identify causes of school violence so as to help their children avoid school violence as well as to tighten the cooperation between families and schools in preventing school violence.

by Mai Hoa