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Can Tho police do good job in mass mobilization

February, 24 2020
MPS - Over the past time, the Can Tho City Police have implemented good mass mobilization models and creatively applied information technology in promoting the “All people protecting national security” movement, thus effectively mobilizing local people from all walks of life to participate in preventing and combating crimes and social evils as well as in managing and educating former offenders at the local communities.

The model "Using smartphones to disseminate laws and giving information about criminal tricks and social evils" was first launched in early 2019 in Phuoc Thoi ward, O Mon district (Can Tho city). Accordingly, each local police officer in charge of a residential area has connected with at least 50 Zalo accounts. Whenever there is a case in the locality, the police officer sends messages requesting the Zalo users to give information about criminals and crimes.

The police of Phuoc Thoi ward (O Mon district) text a warning against theft to people through the Zalo social network.


Currently, the above model has been implemented across O Mon district. During 2019, the local police force sent 1,815 messages and received 187 messages related to local security, social order and traffic safety from local people, contributing to handling various criminal cases.

In Thot Not district, two new models, namely "Area of public order, security and order" and "Using USBs to disseminate laws", were well implemented. Images and clips related to legal knowledge are stored on mobile digital devices (USBs) and distributed to local people by police officers.

The police of Phuoc Thoi ward (O Mon district) encourage people to report crimes to the police.


According to Mr. Ly Dat, Chairman of the Thot Not Ward People's Committee, these models made positive effects in crime prevention at the locality.

In addition to the above models, there are numerous newly-deployed models, including the model "Ensuring security and safety for foreign tourists and overseas Vietnamese towards a safe and friendly tourist environment” in the Con Son tourist area (Binh Thuy district), the model “Ido - Dong Tam longan-farming cooperative security teams” launched by the Dinh Mon communal police (Thoi Lai district). The model "Using mobile electronic speaker systems to disseminate information on prevention and fight against crimes and social evils" were implemented in many other districts. Local police forces also organized thousands of public information drives to raise the people’s awareness of self-management, self-protection and maintenance of security at the grassroots-level.

The street civil guard force and the Bui Huu Nghia ward police (Binh Thuy district) conduct patrols in the locality.


Currently, the Can Tho City Police have been implementing 26 models of mass mobilization in order to enhance local security and ensure fire safety.

Major General Nguyen Van Thuan, Director of the Can Tho Municipal Police Department stated that these local mass mobilization models were developed and promoted, making positive contributions to the local public order and security situation. In the reality, a large number of local people have been mobilized to participate in preventing and combating crimes, social evils as well as contribute to educating and managing formers offenders at local communities.


by Ha Trang