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Command of Mobile Police promotes working styles of leaders, officers and Party members

March, 22 2018
MPS - The Command of Mobile Police (CMP) on March 20 organized a teleconference to study a 2018 special topic on “Building on the working styles and manners of leaders, officers and Party members” in the People's Public Security Forces. This teleconference was held with the participation of key leaders of units and speakers of the CMP’s Party Committee from 11 locations.

The conference was attended by Lieutenant General Do Duc Kinh, Secretary of the Party Committee and Commissar of the CMP; other leaders of the CMP, leaders of the subordinate agencies and units, as well as mass organizations under the CMP.

Participants in the teleconference.

Leaders of the CMP asked the participants to grasp thoroughly the contents delivered by Prof. Dr. Hoang Chi Bao, former member of the Central Theoretical Council and Senior Researcher at the Ho Chi Minh Academy of Politics; urged the Party organizations to draw up plans to implement of the 2018 Special Subject in line with the emulation movements of the units; and organize periodical meetings to discuss relevant contents.

Leaders of the CMP also asked chiefs of subordinate agencies and units to select appropriate contents of the special subject as well as their “self-criticism and self-correction” activities in line with the Resolution of the 4th Meeting of the 12th Party Central Committee. In implementing the 2018 Special Subject, leaders of all agencies and units must strengthen inspection and urge officers, Party members and soldiers to consciously drill themselves, and continuously improve their stance, working styles and manners while performing their duties and in their daily life, especially when meeting and dealing with civilian organizations and people.


By Tuan Minh