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Course on cyber security opens for local police officers

June, 05 2019
MPS - The Department of Cyber Security and Prevention and Combat of High-tech Crimes on June 5 opened a course on cyber security for local police officers and soldiers.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Major General Nguyen Minh Chinh, Director of the Department of Cyber Security and Prevention and Combat of High-tech Crimes, highlighted that the situation of cyber security and high-tech crimes has become complicated in recent years. Cyberspace has been an ideal environment for psychological warfare, spread of opposing ideas, incitation of disturbances and terrorism.

Major General Nguyen Minh Chinh speaks at the event.


Therefore, ensuring cyber security has become one of the urgent tasks and strategies prioritized by countries.

In our country, many public security units still lack officers specializing in this field. As a result, the prevention and fight against the use of cyberspace to infringe upon national security, social order and safety.

According to the organizer, trainees will listen to lectures and practice dealing with assumed scenarios on the network during the course. They will be equipped with basic knowledge of cyber security and information security, State regulations on cyber and information security, as well as with skills to recognize tricks used by high-tech criminals, and prevent and fight high-tech crimes.

by Thu Thuy