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Da Lat police strive to ensure safety for local people and tourists

June, 14 2019
MPS - Over the past years, the Da Lat Municipal Police Sub-Department has been striving to ensure the security and order of the city during the tourist high season so visitors to the city always feel safe and comfortable.

According to local police, a number of subjects with "black profiles" from other localities had thought that they could “do business” in the peaceful city so they came to Da Lat and committed theft and robbery. However, most of them were arrested by the police in a short time.

Some cunning subjects ran away after committed robbery in Da Lat, hoping that they could escape punishment. But they were arrested by the police and taken back to Da Lat for further investigation. Many stolen valuable assets were returned to the owners, which makes both local residents and visitors have more trust in the Da Lat Police.

On March 8, a British tourist named Kathy Marie Harrod and her boyfriend were riding a motorbike around Da Lat when someone robbed her of her phone. She then reported the case to the Da Lat City Police. A day after, she was very surprised and happy when receiving back her stolen phone from the local police. The two suspects were Vu Manh Hung (born in 2000) and Do Quoc Tuan (born in 1999).

Ngo Van Minh (born in 1995, residing in Bac Giang Province) committed several major thefts in Da Lat city, starting from the end of 2018. After haft a year tracing evidence, on June 2, local police scouts successfully arrested Minh when he was hiding in Quang Ninh Province.

According to Senior Colonel Bui Duc Ro, Deputy Director of the Da Lat Municipal Police Sub-Department, the leadership of the city police always directs the local police force to focus on ensuring security and order of the city when the tourist high season comes.

Every summer, the Da Lat police force often launches intensive campaigns to suppress crime and ensure security and order with a focus on robbery crime, drug-related crime, “black credit” crime, illegal service brokers, etc. Besides, the Da Lat city police also increase patrols and checks, especially during weekend.

The local police also closely follow homeless subjects with suspicious signs in public places while conducting unnoticed residence checks. The Da Lat City Police also directs the ward and commune police posts to build more crime prevention models, no-crime residential groups, and safe roads.

Thanks to the local police force’s synchronous and effective implementation of crime prevention and control approaches for many years, Da Lat City has always been secure and safe. 

An Nhien