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Da Nang Police strive to ensure fire prevention and fighting during APEC Economic Leaders’ Week

November, 10 2017
MPS - The Fire Police of Da Nang have deployed various forces and means to ensure fire safety work during the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week, especially in the venues hosting important events, in spite of unfavorable weather conditions.



Tens of thousands of soldiers and officers of the armed forces, including more than 500 officers of the Da Nang Fire Prevention and Fighting Police, have been mobilized to ensure security for various activities of APEC 2017.

Under the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and instructions of Vietnam Fire and Rescue Police Department (C66), the local fire police asked its officers to thoroughly grasp and seriously implement their tasks while keeping close watch at the protection targets and implementing protection approaches as planned with a high sense of responsibility, in order to overcome all difficulties to complete the assigned tasks.

The city police also gave priority to the force building work in order to better fulfill all given tasks. The Director of Da Nang Fire Prevention and Fighting Police urged the city’s fire units to enhance inspections of officers and soldiers on duty.

The inspection, maintenance and repair of fire-fighting engines and vehicles were seriously carried out to ensure the readiness of the whole force for any possibilities.

In addition to their main task of protecting the APEC Summit, the Fire Police of Da Nang also proactively supported storm-hit residents in the area in overcoming the consequences of typhoon Damry.


By Duy Tien