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Department of Cyber Security urged to focus on fighting hostile forces on cyberspace

January, 20 2018
MPS - The Department of Cyber Security under the Ministry of Public Security on January 19 held a conference to review its task performance in 2017.

The event saw the attendance of Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Politburo member, Secretary of the Central Public Security Party Committee and Minister of Public Security. Lieutenant General Hoang Phuoc Thuan, Director of the Department of Cyber Security chaired the event.

Minister To Lam speaking at the event.

The department faced a number of difficulties and challenges in maintaining cyber security in 2017 due to complex and negative developments in the situations of the world, region as well as the country. However, under the leadership and direction of the Central Public Security Party Committee, the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security, the whole force has completed all assigned tasks.

The force was active in grasping, analyzing, forecasting precisely the situation of network security, and effectively advised the Party and State, the Ministry of Public Security to direct lower-level agencies and units to take preventive measures and solutions to ensure cyber security. The force also participated efficiently in fighting crimes on cyberspace, including sophisticated information tricks of hostile forces to undermine the Party and State. For their great achievements in 2017, many individuals and groups of the department have been honored with noble awards, and certificates of merit by the Ministry of Public Security and the Central Mass Mobilization Commission.

Minister To Lam honoring outstanding individuals of the unit.

On behalf of the Central Public Security Party Committee, Minister of Public Security To Lam spoke highly of the achievements of the cyber security force in 2017. He emphasized that the missions of protecting security, order and building public security forces, including the tasks of ensuring security in cyber space, are challenging in 2018. Minister To Lam requested the force to strictly follow the directions of Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at the 73rd National Conference of Public Security Forces; and neutralize all anti-Party activities of hostile forces on the cyberspace.

Delegates at the event.

The force then was urged to ensure absolute security and safety of the important national information systems; to give good advice on cyber security to the Party, State; coordinate closely with other relevant forces, branches in responding to cyber security issues; and proactively protect State secrets on cyberspace.

Minister To Lam asked the Department of Cyber Security to coordinate with the relevant agencies to revise the Law on Cyber Security and submit it to the National Assembly for ratification at the fifth session, to create a firm and stable legal framework for ensuring national security. The unit should intensify Party building and force building to meet the requirements of its tasks in the new context, said Minister To Lam.

By Phung Nguyen