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Department of Information Technology celebrates its 45th founding anniversary

March, 06 2018
MPS - The General Department of Logistics and Techniques under the Ministry of Public Security held a meeting on March 5 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of establishment of the Department of Information Technology (March 5, 1973).

The event was attended by  leaders and officers of generations working at the General Department, and representatives of relevant agencies and units under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS).

From 1973 when the nation was still undergoing the war, the then leaders of the MPS drew up a far-sighted strategy to apply scientific achievements, modern techniques and advanced experiences of other countries to improve the public security forces’ combat power and efficiency of their operations in the cause of protecting the national security.

Mr. Tran Quoc Hoan, the then Minister of Public Security, on march 5, 1973 signed Decision No.244 to establish the Information Processing Department, the predecessor of the current IT Department of the People's Public Security Forces.

Over the past 45 years of development, thanks to the support and care from the Party, the State, the Central Public Security Party Committee and the leadership of the Ministry, all officers and soldiers of the IT Department has gained many important achievements.

The meeting held on March 5 was a chance for generations of officers and soldiers of the department to review the 45-year development history of the department, to promote the sense of responsibility of all soldiers and officers of the department for implementing their assignments, including that of advising the higher level authorities on IT solutions to meet the requirements of current prevention and fight against crimes. The efforts of the department over the past years have been recognized by the Party, the State and people with various awards. Particularly, the department was honored with the title “Hero of the People's Armed Force in the cause of national liberation.”

Today, to enhance the IT development and application in the public security forces’ operations, the Department of Information Technology continuously seeks to improve awareness and leadership of Party committees, chains of command at all levels in IT development and application while developing its technical infrastructure network ready for further expansion and modernization toward sustainable development. It also focuses on ensuring the safety and security of information on both internal network and the Internet; at the same time, it will effectively apply IT into professional operations and administrative reforms as well as into public administrative services, and key and remote localities. Finally, the department will strengthen its cooperation with domestic and international partners to keep up with contemporary IT development to meet its task requirements in the new situation.

By Giang Anh