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Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi works with Son La provincial police

October, 09 2020
MPS - Major General Le Tan Toi, Deputy Minister of Public Security, leading a delegation of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), worked with the Son La Provincial Police Department on October 8.

Overview of the meeting.

Representatives of the Son La Provincial Police Department briefed the deputy minister and delegates on the local police force’s working results over the past time. Accordingly, under the leadership and direction of the MPS and local government, the provincial police have ensured local security, social order and safety, contributing to creating a favorable environment for local socio-economic development.

Particularly, the Son La police have actively grasped the security situation, deployed synchronous professional measures and plans to protect economic security, local political security, cyber security and information security, as well as ensured absolute safety for Party congresses at all local levels in the province.

In addition, the police force of Son La province has deployed personnel to raid criminal gangs and social evil hotspots. As a result, the local security and social order situation was maintained. Meanwhile, the number of traffic accidents and number of traffic injuries and deaths have been curbed. The professional police officers have been deployed to all communes.

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi speaks at the meeting.

Regarding the local police force’s tasks in the coming time, Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi asked the Son La Provincial Police Department to continue directing forces to grasp the security situation and ensure security and safety across the province during the Party congresses at all levels. In addition, all local police officers should raise their awareness of the significance and important role of telecommunications and cipher services, application of information technology, security guarding and foreign affairs to meet the requirements of work in new situation.

by Minh Tam