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Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc works with Hanoi police

May, 27 2020
MPS - Major General Nguyen Duy Ngoc, Deputy Minister of Public Security, leading a delegation of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on May 26 worked with the Hanoi Municipal Police Department.

According to reports at the meeting, the Hanoi Municipal Police Department has made great efforts to develop a population database of Hanoi city, contributing to implementing the National Database on Population.

The Hanoi city’s police have also assigned professional police officers to all 383 communes of the city. The presence of professional police in communes have made positive changes in the security and order situation in the localities and the city as a whole.

Overview of the meeting.


Following Plan No. 105/KH-BCA-C06 issued by the Minister of Public Security on March 13, 2020, local police forces have mobilized local people to surrender illegally-stored weapons, explosives and combat gears while resolutely fighting against weapon-related crimes.

On behalf of the Public Security Central Party Committee and the MPS, Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc praised the achievements obtained by the Hanoi city’s police over the past time.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc speaks at the meeting.


Regarding the development of the National Database on Population, the Deputy Minister asked the capital police to open training courses for its officers, and start the procedures for collecting, updating, and checking citizens information.

The Deputy Minister requested the Hanoi Municipal Police Department to strengthen the regular commune police force and recommend the MPS to provide them with supporting tools and vehicles, helping them fulfill their assigned tasks.

The Deputy Minister emphasized that the Hanoi city’s police should continue to strictly implement the contents of Plan No. 105 while asking police officers in communes, wards and township to further mobilize people to surrender illegally-stored weapons and explosives, and suppress crimes with the use of weapons.

* Earlier, Major General Nguyen Duy Ngoc and his entourage visited and inquired after officers and soldiers at the Hai Boi Commune Police Station (Dong Anh district, Hanoi).

Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc presents gifts to officers and soldiers of the Hai Boi Commune Police.

by Tien Dung