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Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son inspects premises of units in the central region

March, 08 2019
MPS - Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security on March 08 had a working meeting with under-ministerial units in the central region to review and readjust their workplaces in accordance with their new organizational apparatus.
Earlier, the MPS had sent a working group to conduct surveys on the units’ needs for offices as well as their current premises, and drawn up plans to readjust working places of several units in the region for more efficiency.
Besides the rearrangement of working places, the MPS is also planning to invest in building new offices to replace downgraded ones, facilitating the units’ task accomplishment. 
Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son speaks at the meeting.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son noted that the rearrangement of offices among units must be made reasonably with a priority given to units having urgent demands for more offices.
By Nguyen Long