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Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son works with Gia Lai Police Department

November, 01 2017
MPS - A delegation of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) led by Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son worked with the Gia Lai Provincial Police Department on October 31.



Since the beginning of 2017, the Provincial Police has towel performed its function of advising the leaders of the MPS and local authorities on directing relevant agencies, units and forces to implement efficient measures to maintain security and order; and defeat all conspiracies and activities of hostile and reactionary forces. 

Particularly, the rate of successfully-investigated criminal cases has been increased while the number of traffic accidents has been curbed in terms of both numbers of cases and casualties. Party and forces building work have been underscored within the local public security forces, facilitating well the forces’ capacities to successfully fulfill their missions in all working and fighting circumstances.

Thanks to their achievements, the Gia Lai Provincial Police was presented with the “Feat of Arm” Order of second class by the State President while the Director of the Department was rewarded the “Feat of Arm” Order of third class by the State President and officers and units under the Department were awarded Certificates of Merit by the State President, the MPS and the Provincial People’s Committee.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son highly appreciated the achievements of the Provincial Police in fulfilling their given tasks, contributing to the socio-economic development of the province.

The Deputy Minister also urged the Provincial Police to focus on checking, reviewing and streamlining its organization, especially posts in the leadership at all levels, and resolutely rule out unqualified policemen while well maintaining political stability and social order.

On the afternoon of the same day, representatives of the General Departments of Security, Police and Politics, the Ministry’s Office, Inspectorate, the Department on the Movement of All People Protecting National Security worked with relevant agencies and units under the Provincial Police Department.

By Duy Tien