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Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son works with Hospital 198

June, 13 2019
MPS - Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security, on June 13 visited and chaired the working session with Hospital 198 to review the task performance of the hospital in the first six months of 2019.

The report briefed by leaders of Hospital 198 at the working session shows that, in the first 6 months of 2019, the hospital has examined and treated 147,383 patients, including 12,666 police officers.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son speaks at the event.


The Party Committee of the Hospital has directed its offices, wards and centers to well implement the resolutions, programs and working plans in 2019 of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), overcome difficulties and successfully fulfill their given tasks.

At the conference, leaders of professional agencies under the MPS and leaders of Hospital 198 also discussed issues and gave many ideas to further improve the quality of healthcare services of the hospital in the coming time.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son highly recognized and praised the efforts of the hospital’s doctors, nurses and workers over the past time, saying that the Central Party Committee of Public Security and leaders of the MPS always creates the best conditions for the hospital to provide medical examination and treatment for public security officers and soldiers.

Overview of the event.


Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son also asked Hospital 198 to draw up a specific and strategic development plan with a focus on investments in healthcare facilities, equipment and human resources development, especially the development of high quality human resource.

In particular, the hospital should pay attention to augmenting professional qualifications and working ethics for its doctors who are kind-hearted, talented, experienced and professionally competent.

Finally, the hospital should continue administrative reforms, and modernize its management and administrative procedures so as to improve the quality of its medical examination and treatment of public security officers and people in the coming time.

by An Nhien