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Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh: Industry 4.0 impacts on missions of Public Security Forces

February, 21 2020
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MPS - The Department of Public Security Science, Strategy and History under the Ministry of Public Security on February 20 held a scientific workshop themed "Opportunities and challenges for the Public Security Forces in ensuring security and order under the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Senior Lieutenant General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of Public Security attended and delivered a keynote speech at the event.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh and other delegates at the workshop.


According to reports at the workshop, humanity has experienced three major industrial revolutions. The latest one, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR), which is underway, is based on disruptive technologies as well as the Internet of Things, robotics, 3-D printing and artificial intelligence. It has led to quick changes in the way people live and work, and left great impacts on all walks of life, including the work of protecting national security and social order and safety.

Delegates discuss at the workshop.


At the workshop, delegates discussed and assessed the impacts of Industry 4.0 on national security, public order and safety in order to propose policies to effectively apply technological and scientific achievements to the work of protecting national security, ensuring social order and safety, and building strong People's Public Security Forces.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh speaks at the workshop.


Speaking at the workshop, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh gave an overview of Industry 4.0 and analyzed non-traditional security challenges as negative impacts of Industry 4.0 for the country. He also pointed out some requirements and tasks that the People's Public Security Forces must implement in the current context.

Overview of the workshop.


Deputy Minister Thanh requested the workshop’s organizing committee to record recommendations and ideas from delegates and scientists, and then advise the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security to issue a directive on the FIR’s impacts on missions of the entire People's Public Security Forces.


by Bui Tuan