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Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh visits Vietnam’s Embassy in Beijing

May, 01 2019
MPS - As part of his working trip to China, Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Thanh, Deputy Minister of Public Security visited the Vietnam’s Embassy in Beijing, China.

During the meeting, Vietnam’s Ambassador to China Dang Minh Khoi briefed Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh on the  performance of the embassy in recent times.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh congratulated the Embassy and other Vietnamese representative agencies in China for their efforts to fulfill their assigned tasks and for their contributions to promoting relations between Vietnam and China.

The Deputy Minister of Public Security also informed the Embassy’s staff and other delegates of the work of ensuring security and order in Vietnam in the past time of the Public Security Forces, and highlighted achievements of the forces in fighting all kinds of crimes and ensuring absolute safety for the country’s important political events and international meetings held in Vietnam.

Deputy Minister Thanh affirmed that the traditional Vietnam-China friendship and comprehensive cooperation have flourished in all fields. The Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and Chinese law enforcement agencies have also made important steps forward in bilateral cooperation.

Deputy Minister Thanh proposed that, in the coming time, the Vietnamese Embassy in China should continue supporting the Ministry of Public Security in expanding and promoting good cooperation with the Chinese law enforcement agencies.


by Thien Huong