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Deputy Minister Tran Quoc To works with Hai Phong police

September, 18 2020
MPS - Major General Tran Quoc To, Deputy Minister of Public Security (MPS), leading a delegation, worked with the Hai Phong Municipal Police Department on September 17.

Overview of the meeting.

Reports at the meeting read that the Hai Phong police strictly followed the guidelines of the MPS and the local government on ensuring security, social order and safety while implementing effectively various professional measures to control crime in the locality over the past time. In the meantime, the leaders of the Hai Phong police directed functional units to promote scientific research and technology application in ensuring local order and security.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister Tran Quoc To spoke highly of the achievements of the Hai Phong police over the past time. He also asked the Hai Phong police to accelerate the implementation of the e-Government project as well as to promote the application of technology in all working fields.

Deputy Minister Tran Quoc To speaks at the meeting.

Regarding the project to strengthen the communal-level police force, the deputy minister asked the Hai Phong police leadership to post sufficient personnel to all communes and townships while continuously improving the qualifications of police officers at grassroots levels via training courses as well as practical activities so that they can have sufficient knowledge, experience and skills to ensure public order and security in their designated localities.

by Huy Hoang