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Dong Tam incident: Many prosecuted for murder, illegally storing and using weapons and attacking on-duty officials

January, 15 2020
MPS - Based on collected documents and evidence, the Hanoi Police Investigation Agency on January 13 decided to prosecute and temporarily detain 19 persons accused of murder in the incident at Dong Tam commune.

They include:

Le Dinh Cong (born in 1964), Le Dinh Uy (born in 1993), Bui Van Nien (born in 1980), Nguyen Van Tuyen (born in 1974), Tran Thi La (born in 1978), Bui Thi Noi (born in 1958), Bui Van Tien (born in 1979), Nguyen Thi Lua (born in 1956), Bui Viet Hieu (born in 1943), Bui Van Tuan (born in 1991), Nguyen Quoc Tien (born in 1980), Le Dinh Doanh (born in 1988), Bui Thi Duc (born in 1957), Le Dinh Quan (born in 1976), Le Dinh Quang (born in 1984), Nguyen Van Due (born in 1962), Nguyen Thi Bet (born in 1961), Trinh Van Hai (born in 1988), Nguyen Van Quan (born in 1980).

The investigation police agency also issued decisions to arrest and prosecute Le Dinh Chuc (born in 1980) for murder, as well as Le Dinh Hien (born in 1989) and Bui Viet Tien (born in 2000) for attacking on-duty officials.

Others involved in the disturbance were also arrested under the decisions of the Hanoi Police Investigation Agency, including Nguyen Thi Dung for opposing on-duty officials, Nguyen Xuan Dieu, Tran Thi Phuong and Dao Thi Kim for murder.

The above mentioned decisions have been approved by the Hanoi People's Procuracy.

The case is currently being investigated by the Investigation Police Office under the Hanoi Municipal Police Department in accordance with the related laws.



* Happenings in Dong Tam:

Le Dinh Kinh and Le Dinh Cong, formed and led a group named “Đồng Thuận” (Consensus), in early December 2019. The group of dissidents threatened, verbally abused and violently acted against leaders and officials of the Dong Tam Communal People's Committee as well as against those supporting the local authorities at a dialogue between the Governmental Inspectorate, the Hanoi Municipal People's Committee and the people of Dong Tam commune.

The dissident group made numerous petrol bombs, grenades, knives and lime powders for their campaign against functional forces who were sent there to restore public order and security. They also arrested local officials and reinforced police officers, fired and exploded the local authority’s premises and local officials’ homes in an attempt to make the authorities to satisfy their irrational claims and attract concerns from the domestic and international community.

From December 31, 2019 when air force units started the construction of a protective fence around Mieu Mon Military Airport, dissidents of the “ĐồngThuận” group gathered, protested and threw firecrackers to the communal People's Committee premises and the houses of local officials. They also tried to prevent military units from building the wall. They also blocked the entrance of the Mieu Mon Military Training Center and threatened to explode the Mieu Mon petrol station and the houses of local cadres.

In the face of the complex security situation, the Ministry of Public Security directed the Hanoi Municipal Police Department and several other police units to restore security at the construction site and protect the local schools, gas stations and other local public structures.

On January 9, 2020, the dissidents threw grenades, petrol bombs, flares, and daggers at reinforced police officers deployed to protect local social safety and order at the gate of Hoanh hamlet in Dong Tam commune. The police officers used loudspeakers to call on them to stop violence, but the rioters continued to throw three grenades into the task force and then retreated to the houses of Le Dinh Kinh, Le Dinh Chuc and Le Dinh Hoi. The police officers tried to arrest the rioters, but they malignantly used petrol bombs, bricks and 2m-long iron pipes welded withsharp daggers to stab on-duty police officers. They injured three police officers and drove them into a large pit between the houses of Le Dinh Hoi and Le Dinh Chuc. They then threw petrol bombs, poured gasoline into the pit and burnt alive the three police officers.

The deceased police officers are:

- Senior Colonel Nguyen Huy Thinh, born in 1972, Deputy Commander of the Capital Mobile Police Regiment under the Mobile Police High Command.

- Captain Pham Cong Huy, born in 1993, a firefighter of the Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Team No. 3 under the Division of Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue of the Hanoi Municipal Police Department.

- Senior Lieutenant Duong Duc Hoang Quan, born in 1992, Platoon Commander of the Capital Mobile Police Regiment under the Mobile Police High Command.

The martyrs.


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