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Emulation Grouping 1 signs mutual emulation agreement

March, 21 2019
MPS - Emulation Grouping 1 under the Ministry of Public Security on March 19 organized a ceremony to sign a mutual emulation agreement in 2019.

Emulation Grouping 1 includes the Departments of Foreign Relations, Internal Political Security, Homeland Security (head unit of the group), Economic Security, and Security Investigation. All members registered to win the “Emulation Flag of the Government”.

Overview of the event.


At the ceremony, Major General Nguyen Manh Dung, Director of the Homeland Security Department, launched the emulation movement “For National Security 2019” with 6 major contents.

First, all member units of the group are required to excellently accomplish their political tasks in 2019. Second, they should actively advise the Public Security Central Party Committee and leaders of the MPS on the working fields they are responsible for.

Third, they should successfully implement their professional measures and State management of the fields they responsible for.

Fourth, they should conduct all movement and campaigns in a serious and efficient manner. Fifth, they should enhance solidarity within their units. Finally, all member units should seriously observe the policies of the Party and the laws of the State.

by Duy Tien