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Final round of the 4th Professional Dog Competition opens

June, 03 2019
MPS - The Command of Mobile Police on June 3 organized the opening ceremony for the Final Round of the 4th Police Professional Dog Competition.

After the preliminary rounds in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, 60 trainers and 60 outstanding professional dogs of 33 police units have been selected for the finale. The trainers will direct their dogs to perform various professional skills, such as basic movements, drug and explosive detection, searching and attacking subjects with weapons on tall buildings, and tacking human odors.

Speaking at the event, Senior Colonel Nguyen Trong Chi, Vice Commander of the Mobile Police, Head of the Organizing Board of the Competition, stressed that the competition was to assess and review police units’ management, training and use of trained animals in professional activities, as well as abilities to train and instruct animals to perform professional skills of trainers. This year’s competition was participated in  enthusiastically by all police units specializing in training and using trained animals.

by Pham Hung