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“Fire Safety House” model operates effectively in Hai Phong

November, 13 2017
MPS - The dissemination of “Fire Safety House” model deployed since 2015 by the Women Union chapter of the Hai Phong Municipal Fire Police has contributed to the achievement of the unit over the last few years.

Since its inception, the model has received positive supports from basic-level women union chapters and people. The Women Union chapter of the Hai Phong Municipal Fire Police in coordination with the local People’s Committee has held dissemination drives for local 4,700 key officers of 15 districts with. 

The dissemination contents included the local fire and explosion situation, the importance of fire prevention and fighting; legal regulations of fire prevention and fighting and responsibilities of local households for fire safety; the role of women in ensuring fire safety at home; and basic knowledge on fire prevention.


A dissemination course. 


Captain Pham Thi Huong Chi, deputy head of the Hai Phong Fire Police Division 1 said, “The “Fire Safety House” model has contained the following criteria: the house must have at least one escape way; the electrical system must meet the fire protection standards; the arrangement and use of gas or coal, electric cookers must be safe; there must be firefighting equipment in the house; and all family members must have knowledge of fire prevention and fighting.”

During the dissemination courses, participants were taught basic knowledge of fire safety in designing, constructing and renovating houses and production and business.

Since the model was popularized on a large scale, local women union chapters’ members become more aware of fire prevention and fighting, thus contributing to preventing fire and explosion, maintaining peace for each household, each street.

After 2 years of implementation, the model has gained practical results and recognized by the Ministry of Public Security as 1 of the 20 “outstanding projects and works of the public security women in the period 2012-2017.”


By An Nhien