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G.D 8 seeks to hold back manifestations of degradation in mass organizations

December, 23 2017
MPS - The Police General Department of Criminal Verdict Execution and Judicial Assistance (General Department VIII) on December 12 held the conference "Roles of mass organizations in implementing the Resolution of the 4th meeting of the Party Central Committee (Tenure XII) on Party building."

At the conference, participating delegates shared their experiences and straightforwardly pointed out limitations and weaknesses in police units with several manifestations of degradation of morality, lifestyle, discipline issues and improper behaviors toward people. 

The delegates also suggested some measures to control the manifestations of degradation, "self-evolution" and "self-transformation" among police officers at present.

Speaking at the conference, Major General To Xuan Bon, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy General Director of the G.D 8 urged all Party committees and mass organizations within the General Department to strengthen the work of educating political ideology, ethics, morality and lifestyle for police officers, soldiers and workers.

Party Committees at all levels must also promote the role of mass organizations in Party and force building; at the same time, they should strengthen the Youth Union, Women Union and Trade Union organizations in terms of political ideology, organizational structure and action.

Each officer and Party member was asked to continue to frequently study and improve their political awareness, contributing to build a united and strong unit to repel the manifestations of degradation, “"self-evolution" and "self-transformation" that are still existing in organizations and units.

By An Nhien