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Ha Giang police asked to ensure absolute safety and security in all conditions

September, 21 2020
MPS - During his working trip to Ha Giang, Major General Le Tan Toi, Deputy Minister of Public Security, leading a delegation, worked with the Ha Giang police on September 18.

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi speaks at the meeting with the Ha Giang Provincial Police Department.

At the meeting, representatives of the Ha Giang Provincial Police Department briefed the deputy minister and delegates on their task performances, stating that the provincial police have firmly maintained security, social order and safety in the locality while internal political security, economic security, information and communication security, network security have also been protected.

According to the reports, 97% of the criminal cases, including 100% of the extremely serious cases, were cleared up by the local police. The traffic order and safety situation in the province was improved with a fall in numbers of traffic accidents, deaths and injuries.

Additionally, the provincial police ensured absolute security and safety for Party and State delegations visiting and working in Ha Giang. Regarding foreign cooperation, the local police maintained the cooperation mechanisms with the Chinese police of Guangxi and Yunnan provinces.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi emphasized that Ha Giang is located in an important strategic position in terms of national security and defense. Therefore, public security officers should make more efforts for work. Leaders of all local police units should raise their sense of responsibility for work and the quality of the task performance of their units.

He also requested the Ha Giang police to continue improving their fighting capacity and not to let any disadvantage and surprise in the province.

 * On the same day, Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi visited the Dong Van District Police Station, the Meo Vac District Police Station, and Lung Cu Border Guard Station in Ha Giang province.

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi presents gifts to Dong Van District Police.

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi presents gifts to the Meo Vac district police.

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi and the delegation attend the flag-raising ceremony at Lung Cu Flagpole.

by Ngoc Hoang