Hai Duong police strengthen immigration management during 31st Sea Games

May, 10 2022
MPS - In order to ensure security and social order as well as create favorable conditions for athletes from Southeast Asian countries attending the 31st SEA Games, the Immigration Office of the Hai Duong Municipal Police Department has been promoting law dissemination and guiding local accommodation establishments to manage foreigners’ entry into and exit from the province.

Particularly, the Immigration Office guided owners and staff of accommodation providers in Hai Duong province designated for foreign leaders, officials, and delegations of athletes attending the 31st SEA Games to welcome the foreign guests in line with diplomatic protocols while deploying plans to ensure safety for the guests during their stay in Vietnam.

The Hai Duong Immigration Office works with hotels on immigration and foreigners’ residence management.

In addition, during the games, the Hai Duong Immigration Office also coordinated with the police of districts and towns to strengthen the management of immigration and foreigners’ residence in the province as well as the management of entry and exit of Vietnamese citizens in order to promptly detect and handle illegal activities that violate immigration regulations, especially the cases with signs of sabotaging the 31st SEA Games.

by Hoa Binh