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Hanoi Municipal Police promotes traffic order and safety in 2018

March, 22 2018
MPS - The Municipal Police of Hanoi held a conference on March 20 to deploy Order No.2 on promoting traffic safety and order and urban order in the city of Hanoi in 2018.

Speaking at the conference, Major General Dinh Van Toan, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Police Department urged heads of agencies and units to seriously roll out Order No.2 to all soldiers and officers. He also emphasized that the heads of agencies and units must take responsibility to the leadership of the Municipal Police Department for results of the implementation of the Order. The deputy director also asked relevant local police agencies and units to actively spread the Order in the community to raise public awareness of the legal regulations of traffic safety and order as well as urban order, and support the police in performing their duties. Major General Toan also urged the functional units to advise the Party organizations and local authorities at all levels to mobilize the whole political system to participate in maintaining traffic safety and order as well as urban order.

Delegates at the conference.

In the implementation of Order No. 02, police agencies and units should closely coordinate with the press and media to reflect both positive results and shortcomings of the campaign; resolutely and objectively criticizes negative behaviors and law offences of individuals and organizations in traffic safety and order as well as urban order. During the campaign, good examples should be praised while bad behaviors and law offences must strictly be punished. The local police agencies and units should seriously observe the police discipline. While performing their duties, each police officer or soldier should keep in mind and act to promote the image of the Capital Police Officer

Earlier on March 19, the Municipal Police of Hanoi established 4 special working squads to inspect local police units’ implementation of Order No. 02.

By Minh Minh